Black And White Damask Tablecloth


Black And White Damask Tablecloth

black and white damask tablecloth


  • A tablecloth is a cloth used to cover a table. Typically tablecloths are made of cotton or other natural fibres, or fabrics made from man made or synthetic fibres. Some are designed to be easy to wipe clean, often using PVC coated materials.
  • A cloth spread over a table, esp. during meals
  • a covering spread over a dining table


  • having a woven pattern; "damask table linens"
  • A figured woven fabric with a pattern visible on both sides, typically used for table linen and upholstery
  • A tablecloth made of this material
  • a fabric of linen or cotton or silk or wool with a reversible pattern woven into it
  • Damask (????) is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving. Damasks are woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn, usually with the pattern in warp-faced satin weave and the ground in weft-faced or sateen weave.


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ok, this is my "domesticated" side now – lots of shots from my new flat. back home, when i was growing up, tablecloths were a big deal. my mum, auntie, grandma, everyone was very particular about tablecloths. so i guess, i picked up this too. i only have a couple, but – a flat feels like a home only once i have one all laid out (although this one was difficult to iron out due to material!)

Tote & new tablecloth

Tote & new tablecloth
A tote for my mom sewn this week. I decided I didn’t want to look at the clutter of the books piled on my end table anymore, so I was set to make a tablecloth when I realized that this vintage one from ebay that was already up in my closet would work in the room now and even fits the table. Ah, serendipity.

black and white damask tablecloth